NPK Marketplace will expand to the European market with the debut of products from Biota Nutri, a producer of organic fertilizer and soil micronutrients geared toward controlled environment agriculture. The initial focus will be on the greenhouse and indoor horticulture industry in Germany.
"Organic farmers in Germany are receptive to high-quality plant-based fertilizers", explains Mark Valentine of Netherlands-based Biota Nutri. "Our liquid fertilizers are plant derived and promote sustainable agriculture because they reduce waste and environmental impact. They also reduce the damage caused by using pesticides and inorganic, chemical fertilizers."
Biota makes their fertilizer from residual plant waste, and without chemical substances or GMOs. A key benefit of their liquid fertilizer is that they are irrigation system friendly and the yields are competitive with traditional fertilizers. Greenhouse growers can now grow sustainably as Biota fertilizers can increase the nutritional value in foods, plant resilience, organic balance, while reducing waste and impact on the environment.
The products are focused on ease-of-use for growers, with fast uptake by the plant and are 100% Vegan because they are plant based. Many greenhouse growers can recycle a portion of the fertilizer because their irrigation systems collect runoff water reuse it, which bolsters Biota's mission to promote sustainable farming practices while also optimizing crop yields.
For the European launch, NPK Marketplace will use its proprietary digital marketing system to reach out to greenhouse farmers in specific key market areas of Germany. The goal is to provide the product awareness and prescriptive knowledge that farmers need when making a decision about fertilizer. The NPK Marketplace promotion will focus on showing farmers how they can use Biota nutrients to increase their profit potential while maintaining 100% circular, sustainable farming methods.