NPK Marketplace and Netherlands-based Dorset Green Machines have signed an agreement that helps chicken producers turn a liability into an asset.

Dorset drying and pelleting technology converts poultry manure waste into all-natural organic fertilizer for use by farmers, landscapers, and home gardeners. The energy-efficient drying process utilizes warm air from the poultry farmhouse. It reduces the amount of methane and other greenhouse gases that escape into the atmosphere, and produces a fertilizer that releases nitrogen more slowly into the soil, which prevents excess nitrogen run-off. Dorset has over 800 drying systems installed on farms worldwide, and adds new installations at an accelerating rate as livestock farmers around the world seek to make their farm operations more climate-friendly.

Dorset's partnership with NPK Marketplace gives farmers more access to the market for their pelletized fertilizer. NPK Marketplace provides a turnkey marketing and distribution system that helps farmers reach new customers within the local area adjacent to the farms that operate with Dorset drying equipment. This means that livestock producers can focus on their farm operations, and instantly have a system in place to help them distribute their fertilizer into the community. Growers benefit because they have a local source of organic fertilizer, and because they can help the local ecosystem by using an alternative to chemical-based fertilizer.

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