Manure makes an excellent, natural fertilizer, but it’s also a source of greenhouse gases, such as methane and carbon dioxide. In fact, dairy and other livestock farms have recently come under increased scrutiny from governments around the world due to the pressure to handle manure in a way that reduces harmful emissions and runoff.

NPK Marketplace now offers an eco-friendly solution: Products that use natural digestive microbes to break down pathogens and reduce greenhouse gases. For example, the "Manure Master” line of additives includes microbes to enhance manure digestion and speed up the decomposition process. This reduces pathogens and ammonia release, and keeps more nutrients in the manure available for use as fertilizer. This microbe digestion also keeps odors at bay and liquifies the manure liquid, so flies don't have a place to lay their eggs.

 "Manure Master products use natural ingredients and active microbes to make manure predigested before it enters the environment,” says Dr. Jim Ladlie, creator of Manure Master. "This type of biological manure treatment will help reduce groundwater contamination concerns,” he continues, "and the odor reduction improves neighbor and community relations.”

NPK Marketplace is proud to support this type of natural product to address an environmental problem. We are committed to providing high-quality, natural solutions that enable sustainability in the agricultural supply chain.