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Caca de Oro - 40lb Bag



  • Nitrogen:4%
  • Phosphorus:3%
  • Potassium:2%
Physical Specifications
  • Form:Pellet
  • Manure Source:Chicken
  • Package Type:Bag-Sack
  • Certified: OMRI
  • State Certification: CA


Glaum's Caca de Oro Organic Fertilizer
"Grow with the Gold"
Introducing Caca de Oro 100% dried chicken manure fertilizer, sourced directly from the lush Santa Cruz County area, where sustainability meets excellence. Derived from the esteemed Glaum Egg Ranch, a cherished family-owned, cage-free egg farm renowned for its commitment to quality. Our Organic fertilizer begins its journey as chicken manure, meticulously transformed into premium, all-natural Organic fertilizer pellets.

Rich in nitrogen and essential plant nutrients, Caca de Oro pellets promise to rejuvenate your lawn, while nurturing vibrant flowers, robust vegetables, towering trees, and thriving crops.

At the heart of our product lies a dedication to sustainable farming practices and a minimal carbon footprint. Glaum Egg Ranch pioneers' environmental stewardship by harnessing the power of solar energy. With solar panels providing 100% of the farm's energy needs, we take pride in utilizing renewable resources to collect, dry, and craft our fertilizer pellets.

Moreover, Caca de Oro fertilizer distinguishes itself by its purity. Completely free from fillers and harmful chemicals, our formula boasts a rich blend of NPK ingredients and essential micronutrients. These elements gradually decompose in the soil, ensuring a steady and enduring nutrient supply throughout the entire growing season.

Whether you're a home gardener seeking lush landscapes or a commercial grower aiming for bountiful harvests, Caca de Oro fertilizer stands as your steadfast partner, offering unparalleled benefits and supporting your journey towards greener, more sustainable cultivation practices.

Caca de Oro fertilizer offers many benefits for both home gardeners and commercial growers:
  • Produced locally in Santa Cruz County
  • OMRI and CDFA certified organic
  • No additives--Made from pure chicken manure
  • No chemicals, no petroleum
  • Releases nitrogen slowly into the soil
  • Improves soil structure and root health
  • No CO2 emissions
  • High content of organic matter and microbes
  • Heat treated to kill pathogens
  • Easy to spread, easy to store
  • 4-3-2 Nitrogen/Phosphorus/Potassium ratio
How to Use:
Vegetable Gardens: For each 100 square feet of garden area, till or rake in 8 to 12 lbs. of Caca de Oro fertilizer prior to planting. After planting, top dress seed rows or plants with a thin layer (1 lb. per 10-foot furrow) of Caca de Oro fertilizer.
Lawns: For new or established turf, Caca de Oro's slow-release characteristic allows you to fertilizer less frequently and still achieve a long lasting, deep, and lush green. Broadcast 40 lbs. of Caca de Oro fertilizer for each 1,000 sq. ft. of turf.
Row Crops: For every 10-foot furrow till or rake in 1 to 2 lbs. of Caca de Oro with a thin layer of soil and plant vegetable seeds at the recommended depth. After planting, top dress seed rows or plants with a thin layer (1 lb. per 10 feet or ¼ cup around base of plant) of Caca de Oro fertilizer.

Introducing Caca de Oro from Glaum Egg Ranch

  • United States California, South Dakota

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